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Keeping your Solar up and running

Our experienced engineers will conduct a thorough examination of your entire system, they will diagnose the fault and get the problem rectified as soon as possible. Our prices are transparent, no hidden extras and includes up to one hour labour, which, in our years of experience is always enough time to diagnose the fault.

Solar PV Repair

We can help with all aspects of solar PV repair, from broken panels, faulty inverters to cable fault find and repair. Solar PV repair is our core business, we have years of experience and have helped hundreds of customers get their systems back up and running.

Solar PV Maintenance & Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection to solar PV systems can prolong the life and efficiency of your system. Our engineers will conduct a thorough test and inspection of your solar PV array.

Solar PV Inverter repair

We carry out a full diagnostic check of your solar PV inverter and will repair where possible.

EV Solar & Battery Storage Ltd

Common Faults with Solar PV Arrays

Many people don’t realise that their solar isn’t producing until they speak to their electricity company to provide their generation meter readings for the last quarter and realise that the screen is blank, has a solid red light or hasn’t been recoding kWh’s.

If you find yourself in this situation, there may be a problem with your Solar PV.

Your generation meter may have gone faulty, your inverter may have an internal error, or you may have an internal or external cable fault.

Below are the most common Solar PV faults we come across –

  • Inverter errors
  • Internal or external cable faults
  • Birds or squirrels nesting under panels causing damage to the cables, which is the main contributor to ground faults
  • Faulty generation meters
  • Faulty isolators

If you are based in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire and are experiencing problems with your solar, we can help.

Generation meter failure

This is mainly discovered when a customer sends a reading to their feed in tariff provider and the meter display screen is either blank or the kWh reading hasn’t increased as expected since the last reading was taken.

String cable faults

These are associated to the DC side of the system and can be either a break in the cabling between the inverter and the solar panels or an earth fault caused by a corroded Mc4 connector or damage to the cable insulation.


This can be anything from a smashed panel caused by falling objects or cell hotspots, water ingress into the diode box on the back of the panel or earth leakage through the frame of the panel.


Faults can range from a simple reboot or firmware update to a damaged component on the circuit board. It is expected that an inverter may need to be replaced at least once during the life of the system.

AC fault

An inverter monitors the AC voltage. If the AC supply voltage is too high or low this can cause the inverter to display a fault until the voltage returns to a satisfactory level. On occasion the circuit breaker or isolator supplying the inverter has been switched off by mistake.

EV Solar & Battery Storage Ltd

Solar PV maintenance & inspection

We carry out both annual test and inspections and one off health checks.

As PV systems age, faults can occur which can lead to unwanted down time, reduced power production and increased risk of fire.
It is important to monitor the condition of your system.

We carry out a full test and inspection and where possible compare results of previous years to assess if there’s any deterioration of the cables, switchgear or components. In addition to this we check that the solar array is outputting the correct amount of power given the available irradiance from the sun on the day of the test.

Solar PV is a big investment so it is important to make sure it is functioning correctly and in safe working condition.
Regular inspection and maintenance can prolong the life of the system and ensure optimal performance.

Below are some images of extreme faults we’ve found when carrying out repair and maintenance on PV systems that have not been maintained, these images highlight why regular maintenance and inspection is important, especially on older systems. 

Damaged Isolator

Damaged DC isolator caused by a loose connection.

Burnt Out Panel
Burnt out solar panel caused by bird droppings which caused a hotspot over a period of years.
Burnt Out Invertor
Burnt Out Invertor
This inverter had completely burnt on the inside, the inverter casing contained the burning and externally the inverter looked normal. The customer only knew something was not right because of lack of solar generation.
Squirrels nest

A customer contacted us because his solar wasn’t producing and an error code was showing on his inverter, upon further investigation we discovered that a squirrel had chewed through the cabling and made itself a home.

EV Solar & Battery Storage Ltd

Solar PV inverter repair

We carry out a full diagnostic check of your solar PV inverter and will repair where possible.

If your inverter is deemed uneconomical or damaged beyond repair, we will contact the manufacturer to find out whether it is still within its manufacturer warranty period, if your inverter is outside of the warranty time frame then we will provide you with a quotation for a replacement unit.

In our experience manufacturers generally only carry spare parts for larger or high value inverters for example, Fronius and SolarEdge.

Invertor Repair

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